A flea infestation is certainly annoying for both you and your pooch, where for your pooch, its health is at peril and for you, your lovable home and your lovable pet are in peril. Therefore, these gnarly pests ought to be restricted but, unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there! Yes, sometimes, more bothersome than these fleas are the ticks that cause serious health troubles for your pests and therefore, preventing them is also necessary, which can be best done with a single, yet, an effective dog flea collar. Yes, in order to achieve the best dog flea and tick control solution, procuring the best dog flea collar by carefully avoiding the following top 9 mistakes is absolutely necessary, beyond any doubt!

  • The medication present in the dog flea collar is never for ingestion and hence, choose the right flea collar with a right size that prevents your dog from reaching it and licking it.
  • Do not go for the generic flea collars if the tick cases are severe in your area, as that might require some specialized medications.
  • Do not buy dog flea collars that contain TCVP in them as they are harmful to both you and your pet.
  • Do not buy a flea collar without checking the active ingredients in them, especially if your pooch is allergic to some substances or the chemical.
  • Avoid flea collars with sharp fixtures as they might harm your pet.
  • Avoid getting a cheap collar in the name of the budget as they might not only contain substandard medications but also hazardous chemicals, which might prove risky to your dog and its health.
  • Insecticides like Propoxur although effective in killing the fleas, are harmful to human beings and hence, it is best to avoid them, especially when you have kids in your home.
  • Do not procure a dog flea collar without checking for the reviews as that might at times prove unworthy.
  • Do not buy dog flea collars that contain chemical medication if your pooch is pregnant or ill or very old. In this scenario, the flea collar with the herbal medication is the best.